March Giveaway Recipients

Congrats to Kelly A. and Dawn J. (both jersey folks) on getting the goods for this months giveaway.  Next month we’ll pick one person out of our WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Google+ crowd to get a cap and long sleeve t-shirt. 

For now I’ll give you the Cancer Bats covering “Sabotage”. I think they did a great job with the song and the video is just awesome in so many ways. Even if you don’t like the cover, you have to give props on the video if you’ve ever been into the Beastie Boys.

The first time I heard this cover was on my Alma Mater’s radio station WSOU. Coincidentally, there’s a fundraiser going on to get a documentary on WSOU done. If you’re inclined to throw it some coin just hop on over to the Pirates of the Airwaves indiegogo page. You’ll get some cool gear if you donate and if you don’t, you’ll still come away with some background on the best college radio station in the country.

Although I’ve posted these ad nauseam, I guess I should show you what we’re giving away in April-


So if you live in my state or are into weather you know that NJ has suddenly turned into Minnesota. As a result of this “adjustment” I’ve been a little off my game in the giveaway department.  Not all of it is completely my fault; apparently a few of you don’t update your email addresses so reaching out has been problematic.  In any case, we have a definite recipient for the February sweatshirt giveaway (congrats Jill Giuliano) and are waiting to hear back from someone else on last months t-shirt and cap giveaway.  Next month we’ll probably do the t-shirt and cap thing again.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I’ve decided to go with one of the worst love songs ever created by a human being. I know that other mammals can also sing but I can’t really hold them accountable due to their inability to reason.

Man, am I ornery or what?

Anyway here it is…..enjoy!


It’s Friday…

We’re going to have a Christmas theme for the next couple of  Fridays.  This is my favorite Christmas song and I can’t think of anyone that comes as close to perfect with it as these guys.

As an aside, the recipient for this weekend’s giveaway will be announced by 11:59pm tomorrow. Entering this giveaway also make you eligible for the bigger giveaway in February.  Entering is quick and easy, to learn more check out this post.