Sometimes the method of delivery is better than the gift itself…

So our Christmas gift to our daughters this year is a trip to Disney World and we wanted to do something a little creative to let each of them know. For our oldest daughter we decided to let her watch the following video…

She was very excited about the news but had a lot of questions surrounding the authenticity of the clip.

Winner for Sunday – Monday Giveaway

We had an overwhelming response to this weekend’s giveaway.

4 people.

Anyway we decided to just pick a name out of a cup….

Congrats Courtney!

The Hoodie Giveaway generated a great deal of interest this weekend (there were a gazillion hits on the link) and I wonder whether folks stayed away from this one because they figured they wouldn’t win back to back giveaways.  Makes sense. We’ll be announcing the winner of that giveaway sometime in December.  Remember, if you want to win that giveaway you’ll need to follow us on Facebook or through WordPress.