March Giveaway

March is a special month around these parts for two reasons:

(1) It’s the month my oldest daughter was born


(2) Fantasy Baseball Drafts start coming online

To celebrate the total awesomeness of this month, we’re going to pick two people out of the pool of folks who follow our blog/practice on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Google+ to get a t-shirt and cap.  You’ve probably seen them before:




So if you follow the blog but haven’t joined us on any of our social media fronts, this may be the month to do it – this is open to anyone who follows us (new or old).

I’m not going to play detective or Mother Teresa this time (last month was a bit of an annoyance) – if you are picked but don’t have an email addy that’s visible on your end and/or don’t reply back to my email within 48 hours then someone else will get the goods.

Giveaway recipients will be selected and announced during the last week of March or first week of April.

Good luck and thanks for checking in!

Getting Social- Google +

I bit the bullet and finally invested some time in Google+.  I reserved it a while back but didn’t see it gain any real traction as a viable outlet until recently and I didn’t like how it worked.  I still don’t really.

So if you have a few seconds to kill, throw us into your circle….or whatever they call it.

Well, this turned out to be an enthusiastic post.