New Group for Union County Teens

We are currently accepting adolescent clients for a weekly CBT/DBT coping skills group in Scotch Plains. The purpose of the group is to provide services to union county teens (14-17) who have been affected or whose families have been affected by recent changes to US immigration practices.  
Areas covered will include psycho education, linkage to available concrete, psychiatric and psychotherapy services, distress tolerance and cognition.  
Unfortunately we are only able to provide services to 8 families at a time.  
Currently services are only available in English. This group is free of charge.  
If interested or know of someone who may be interested please contact me directly by phone (908) 280-0829 or email at  
If you are a professional who feels they can help with case management or other direct services, I will probably need it.
As level of demand is not yet clear and I haven’t even figured out how the paperwork is going to look, this will probably start in a few weeks.