Ask It

So here’s the deal.  If your question has anything to do with quantum physics, starting a business in Norway or ballroom dancing then I’m probably not going to be helpful.  You having a question about these areas already makes you infinitely more qualified to answer your own question than I am.

I’m a therapist. Ask something about that.  Like your feelings and unreasonable fears about quantum physics or the negative impact quantum physics has had on your relationships. That’s more in line with what this is about.

Please understand that if your question(s) is used, the response we give you is NOT THERAPY or a replacement for therapy.  This is a way for you to get a perspective on an issue that you may have not considered.   “Potentially Helpful Advice” is a better way to describe what you can expect from this.  For further information please review the terms and conditions for this and other myHope Therapy Services, LLC websites and applications.

Again, by completing and submitting the form below you agree to these terms and conditions.

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