Post of the week update

I got an email a few hours ago calling my attention to the fact that this is the second week that I haven’t re-blogged a “post of the week” – weird because I get very few emails about the blog and I really didn’t think folks were attentive to that feature.   In any case, I figured I should give the folks who read this blog the respect of a heads up when I change something.

I’ve decided to stop making it a weekly feature for a couple of reasons, the primary one had to do with the posts just dropping out of existence which then created holes in the content on my blog.  One site went private(nothing to do with the re-blog since that occurred well after the post and the person thanked me for it) and the other got rid of the post the day after I put it up.  In each case I had to go back and remove it.

This isn’t about punishing the world it’s more about the annoyance of having unpleasant holes in my content and in the feature itself.

I guess one answer may be to select posts from more established blogs, but I wanted the feature to be a way of helping folks who are starting out a way of gaining exposure while giving the folks who visit here something new and interesting to look at.

In the future I may start it up again but I’ll have to figure out a way to do it that doesn’t create more work for me. Believe me, I have enough on my plate.

That being said, if you have something that you feel would be a good fit for my blog, email me and I’ll have no issue with re-blogging it if I agree  –

Please DO NOT email with links to posts on how to make money on the internet.

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