The giveaway is heating up…

Since announcing our giveaway a few weeks ago, the interest in our practice has been incredibly underwhelming incredible. That’s right…incredibly incredible. We currently have no emails or inquiries about the status of the giveaway are still going through our email in determining the actual level of interest and have taken on three several new followers to the blog! As successful as this has been in generating traffic to the site and interest in our practice; we still want to remind every one of what they could win.

tote cup

Imagine yourself in some exotic location sipping coffee out of your new luxurious mug while diving into the smaller than we thought space saving yet functional “official” myHope tote-bag for your phone. Of course you’re reaching for your phone! You will want to tell all your friends about the adventures, fame and beautiful people your tote-bag and mug have bestowed upon you. And while we won’t be paying for your vacation, having the tote-bag and mug you always wanted for free, makes saving up for that vacation much easier.

So please, let everyone know about this ill conceived, cheap and shameless incredible giveaway so they can get on board. All you need to do to be eligible is follow us on Facebook or on this blog!

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