Their Hands Froze To Their Shovels

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Bite Size Canada

Although Wolfe won the Battle of the Plains of Abraham on September 13, 1759, the city was not occupied until September 19.  Wolfe had died on the field of battle, but Montcalm, fatally wounded but still mounted on his black horse, was brought back into Quebec supported by two men.

Before dying, he had time to send a message to General Townsend asking him to be kind to the French sick and wounded, and to carry out an agreement for an exchange of prisoners.  His body was placed in a crude wooden box and buried in a convent.  A British shell had come through the roof and blasted a hole in the ground large enough to make a grave. Wolfe’s death may have been due to the fact that he wore a new uniform, against the advice of his officers.  He was a marked man when he led…

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