This is what a normal tube of Aquafresh toothpaste looks like….


Notice the intact nozzle.  Lose yourself in the refreshing, inviting and wonderfully dramatic qualities of the image.

“Hey check it out!!  There’s a unicorn fighting a leprechaun under a huge 3-D rainbow made of skittles and it’s raining $100 bills!”

“Not now dude, I’m dancing with my toothpaste as the gods of mint bless my mouth with superhuman strength and delicious goodness.”

Is the scene that comes to mind.



This is what a tube of Aquafresh looks like in our house….


When I asked my four year old how she gets the tooth paste out, she placed her index finger under the tube and pushed up the base.  She also added this piece of advice:

“Dad, make sure you leave a little extra on the top so you can just scoop it up the next morning without doing anything.”

I did not bother asking how the nozzle came off.

There are some questions better left unanswered.

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