Four year old wisdom

My four year old daughter has a way with words but today was particularly productive, so I decided to jot a few of them down for posterity-

Daddy when you leave for work a fountain of tears falls from my eyes.

We should have chocolate milk and potato chips for lunch. Wouldn’t that be delightful and different?

In response to me telling her there is no excuse to handle a soccer ball with her hands on or off the field.

Dad I just played a really great game of soccer and my legs are tired. If you don’t want me to carry it [the ball] to the car then I’m going to stay here and you can pick me up later. I don’t think mommy is going to like that very much but it’s your choice.

In response to me telling her that she has to be more aggressive in taking the ball away from the opposing team after praising her for passing the ball to a team mate.

It’s hard to think about sharing and then taking the ball away from someone, dad. I only have one brain.

While taking off her shin guards and socks.

I’m all sweated up. Man, I’m one awesome soccer player, right dad?

While dropping her off at the gym’s child care center so that I can get a hair cut (yes I belong to an awesome gym) this conversation happens in front of 10 people.

Her- Dad, are you going to work out while I play?

Me- Nope, daddy needs a haircut.

Her- That sounds like an excuse dad.

Me- It’s more of a reasoned choice.

Gym Staff – (without skipping a beat) Sounds like an excuse to me.

Child Care staff – You should work out…….. dad.

Her- You really need to think about your choices dad.

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