Cracking a Window

It’s been a few days since I posted anything new due to a couple of family emergencies.  I decided to check in because it seemed that things were getting a little stale around here.

My father (who is in his late 70’s) fell from some scaffolding yesterday and the first bit of information I got soon after hearing the news from my sister was that he accused the hospital staff of having taken the rent money he collected earlier in the day.

Not the seven broken ribs.

Not the bruising found on his brain.

Not the concussion or being passed out for at least an hour.

The rent money.

At that point we all knew that he was probably fine.  My mother and sister, I’m positive, had to assure the hospital staff that he was not senile or going through an acute phase of paranoia.  This is just who he is.

He is still in the hospital but everything is pointing to him needing nothing more than bed rest for six weeks.

Despite the craziness, I managed to add one more thing to my list of accomplishments as a father early this morning.


I know it looks awful but this was before coffee and I’m pretty sure “awful” can sometimes turn into the latest fashion trend.  Regardless, it counts as:

1. A ponytail

2. with a bow on it.

Two accomplishments really.

Don’t hate,  appreciate.  Perhaps, emulate.  Actually….don’t emulate.  That wouldn’t be fair to your children.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, the rent money was in his pocket.

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