That Lady Who Accidentally Cut My Hair Too Short

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You know how, when you’re a teenager, everything matters WAY MORE than necessary?

That’s this story.

Oh, teenage Valerie.

Teenage Valerie decided that, after years of having long hair, she’d cut it in one fell swoop. I really wanted it to look like this:

I literally brought this photo in for the hairstylist to use as a reference. That’s how stylin’ I thought Elliot from Scrubs was (is). I mean, just look at that smolder.

But instead, it kinda looked like this:


Or at least that’s how it felt for Teenage Valerie. It wasn’t nearly as short as this, but I’ll tell you, Anne Hathaway’s tears were less real than mine were at the sight of my new look.

My hairdresser was pretty chatty, so she didn’t notice when it suddenly looked irreparably horrible.

It probably wouldn’t have looked so bad if I had the bone structure to pull…

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