Random thoughts ….

during my 3 4 6 hour trip from Albany

Posting this late from my cell phone while this annoyed on the way back is something I will probably regret.

People who live in NY cannot  drive.

There is nothing more annoying than senseless random acts of traffic.  We are on our 7th 9th in a little over two four hours with an hour left to go.

No one is going to be able to function tomorrow.  Taking the girls to the pool for their lessons is going to be a nightmare……for their teacher.  At least Ill get a break.

I can’t believe how bad music has gotten.

I’ve lost the ability to sleep in cars which really stinks.. That used to be my greatest power.

If you’re driving around with a horse hitched to your truck whatever is holding the horse should be transparent.

This night is going to turn into a twilight zone episode.  I can feel it.  I hope I don’t become some alien child’s pet.  I’d make a horrible pet, I would eat too much, bite it and end up in some sort of shelter.  God, what if they think all humans are like me and decide to destroy the earth?

Great..Molly woke up.

The parking lot of a rest stop is not an ideal place to soothe a crying one year old.

Now Bridget is up thanks to the angry guy on the motorcycle next to us.

My wife should know that when I say I don’t want anything from the rest stop my mind will probably change by the time she gets back.

I should have gone to the bathroom at the rest stop.

Signs for NJ! Maybe I won’t move to Canada to punish the US for making me sit in traffic.  I never follow through with this threat, I’m sure there is traffic in Canada and then what?

I can’t believe I’m not asleep. I should have driven.

Taking a break..

Techno freaks me out.

We have been on the road so long we are seriously discussing radio infomercial products.

Pulled my back out yawning.

5 minutes from home and we decide to stop at wendys.  Wife discussing toy options for kids meal.

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