goals and objectives

I remember this being drilled into me all throughout grad school and every agency audit thereafter. “Clients must have goals and objectives.”  Funny that I’m supposed to be in charge of this because, most of the time I fail miserably at mine….at least when it comes to day to day tasks.   My objectives for today included:

1.  Finish two chapters in an exercise of self-inflicted torture (writing a book) I have brought upon myself.

2. Reconcile my monthly accounts

3. Follow up with the state licensing board (for the fifth time this month) and leave a voice mail with a question I am convinced will never get answered until I act impulsively and make the decision myself.  I should note that exactly one day after I make my decision, they will call me. Their guidance will be the exact opposite of what I decided to do.

Let’s see how I did with my objectives today, shall we?  List of accomplishments so far:

1. Cleaned out the fish tank in my office.

2. Bought a snail.

3. Watched the snail.

4. Called an insurance company for what I thought would be a quick question that ended up being a 45 minute ordeal.

5. Watched the snail.

6. Reconciled the accounts (awesome)

7. Watched the snail.

8. Started writing this post.

9. Talked to some guy who owned another business in my building about the snail I bought while I waited for a client.

10. Client, Client, Client

11. Checked on the snail and worried that he might be dead.

13. Notes while worrying about the snail

14. Checked the snail again and noticed that he didn’t move

15. Worked on this post still worried about the snail who I haven’t named yet because he might be dead.

I guess this is a reminder that our day to day life cannot be consumed with what we want to improve on or accomplish.  That either leads to failure or not enjoying the very things that come from success.  I was going to end with some impressive quote about Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean.  Instead I leave you with this……a picture of my (maybe dead) snail.


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